Dance & Fitness for All
Dance & Fitness for All


Due to Covid-19, class availability is dependant on the latest Government advice and guidelines.


The following ADULT classes will be in-person from 9th August for 3 weeks, most of which can also be accessed via Zoom or On Demand. 

Classes are in Long Crendon unless otherwise stated.


JUNIOR courses will return in September. 


For more information, please contact:



9.45am             KaSoTone LIGHT - Haddenham (NO Zoom)

11:30am            KaSoTonic LIGHT - Chinnor (NO Zoom)

1.30pm             KaSoTonic GOLD (NO Zoom)

6.15pm             KaSoTonic

7.30pm            Level 1/2 Contemporary                                                                               



9.45am             KaSoTonic GOLD (NO Zoom)

11.00am            Improvers Tap                                         

12.15pm            KaSoTone LIGHT

1.30pm             Level 1 Tap                         

6.30pm            KaSoTonic - Brill (NO Zoom)



11.00am            Level 2 Tap

12.15pm             Calm & Stretch

6.15pm              Level 1 Ballet 

7.30pm             Level 2 Ballet 



10am                 KaSoTonic GOLD

11.30am             KaSoTone

12:45pm            Improvers Contemporary



KaSoDance Juniors - Saturdays at the AVA

Courses begin on 11th September for 7 weeks.  Please email our Principal for more information or head to to enrol for September. 


Sports Hall




9.15am      30mins

Starlite Dancers

9.05am     30mins

Pre Primary Tap

9.55am     40mins

Pre Primary Ballet

9.45am     30mins

Pre Primary Tap Foundation

10.45am   30mins

PP Foundation Ballet

10.30am   30mins

Mini Movers

11.30am    40mins

Primary Ballet

11.10am     30mins

Starlite Boppers

12.20pm   40mins 

Grade 1 Ballet

11.50am    30mins

Grade 2 Tap

1.10pm      40mins 

Grade 2 Ballet

12.30pm   30mins

Primary Tap

    1.10pm      30mins Grade 1 Tap



Booking for existing clients is now open for our August block of classes


If this is your first time then why not book in for a trial.

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07989 205 498 (Sophie)

07914 353 843 (Gavin)

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