Dance & Fitness for All
Dance & Fitness for All


Due to Covid-19, class availability is dependant on the latest Government advice and guidelines.


ALL classes will be run as courses. 

For November, adult courses in Long Crendon and Haddenham will be 4 weeks long.

Junior courses at Long Crendon will be 7 weeks long and

courses at the AVA will be 6 weeks.


For more information, please contact:



09.45am             KaSoTonic LIGHT (Haddenham)

11.15am              KaSoTonic LIGHT (Aerobic) ZOOM ONLY       

12.30pm              KaSoTonic GOLD         

1.45pm                Beginners/Improvers Ballet  

3.00pm                KaSoTone                                                 

4.15pm                First Steps Tap (4-5 years)                                                                           

5.00pm                Pre-Primary Tap  (5-7 years)                                                                       

6.30pm                KaSoTonic (Aerobic) ZOOM ONLY                                           

7.45pm                Level 1 Contemporary                                                


09.45am              KaSoTonic GOLD                                            

11.00am              Improvers Tap                                                

12.15pm              Level 1 Tap                                      

1.30pm                Level 2 Tap                                                     

2.45pm                Level 1 Ballet                                  

4.00pm                Introduction to Contemporary (7-10 years)                          

5.00pm                Contemporary Dance (11-14 years)                                        

6.15pm                Ballet Barre and Conditioning (Level 2)                                  

7.30pm                Level 2 Contemporary


11.00am              Beginners Tap

12.15pm              KaSoTone LIGHT

1.30pm                Beginners/Improvers Contemporary

6.15pm                Level 1 Ballet

7.30pm                Mixed Ability Pointe Conditioning

8.15pm                Level 2 Ballet


10.00am              KaSoTonic GOLD

11.30am              KaSoTone

12.45pm              Ballet Basics & Conditioning

2.00pm                KaSoTonic GOLD 


Saturdays at the AVA

Sports Hall




9.00am ½ hour

Starlite Boppers

9.15am ½ hour 

Starlite Dancers B

9.45am ½ hour  

Starlite Dancers A

10.00am ½ hour 

First Steps Tap

10.30am 40mins 

PP Exam Ballet

10.45am ½ hour 

Pre-Primary Tap

11.25am ½ hour 

PP Foundation Ballet

11.30am 40mins 

Primary-Grade 1 Tap

12.10pm 40mins 

Primary Ballet

12.15pm 40mins

Senior Tap

1.05pm 40mins 

Senior Ballet

1.15pm 30mins 

Mini Movers

Contact Us:

07985 048 880 (Kate) 

07989 205 498 (Sophie)

07914 353 843 (Gavin)

Email us anytime:

From SEPTEMBER 7th 2020...

We're coming back from Bigger and Stronger!


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