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Be The Best Version Of Yourself.

Many of our clients have asked us about nutrition advice and over the past 4 years, we've been looking for the right way forward.


We're delighted to be using Herbalife and achieving our results, to be best version of ourselves.


Come have a chat to any one of us if you'd like to know what we're doing. We have discovered that a Healthy Breakfast is very often the key to losing weight and feeling better everday.


We're all different:

  • Kate is down to pre-baby weight after a month of Herbalife and she's finding it so easy to prepare and do on the run, a blessing now that she has to juggle hundreds of balls!
  • Soph's has a healthy breakfast every day for the first time ever. She recently had her shoulder surgery - forcing her to be less active than usual. By using Herbalife through her recovery, not only did she NOT put on weight - she lost a few pounds too!
  • Gavlar is building muscle thanks to his KaSoTonic regimen and Herbalife. 
  • We can all honestly say we have more energy thanks to being on Herbalife.



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