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We received some fantastic information and really useful advice at our recent workshops on 

Balance, Dizziness and Preventable Causes of Falling 

with Tany Prior (MSc Physiotherapy, BN Nursing) from Liberty Home Physio.


Tany showed us how we can improve our balance by regular practice of the exercises we are learning in our KaSoTonic classes and how they will benefit our everyday lives. 


It was lovely to get the following feedback from one of our clients, whose husband came to two of this year's talks:  

"He says the first session on breathing has changed his life, and today’s session about balance etc. has been of enormous benefit to him."


Tany is available for private consultation and we can gladly put you in touch with her.  Just speak to one of the KaSo team.


KaSo Dance Juniors Upcoming Events


Christmas Cracker - Saturday 16th December 2017

during normal class times - your chance to watch your child dance in their classes 

Danceathon - POSTPONED until 3rd February 2018

Dance Exams - 18th March 2018

Date & timings to be confirmed

Choreographic Showcase - 30th June 2018 - 2.00 pm

Come and watch your Child/Children perform their creations

Danceathon – Date Postponed


In order to give us more time to get as many of our wonderful KaSo team involved, we have taken the tough decision to push our Charity Danceathon back to

Saturday, 3rd February 2018 at 3pm.

THANK YOU to those who have already committed and started raising money for Happy Days Charity. EVERYONE (over 4yrs) is welcome to join and have an hour of non-stop family fun for a GREAT cause. For more information and to let us know you are going to be joining us – please contact


Payment Structures and Passes


As so many of you know, we work hard to keep our class prices to an absolute minimum and offer our clients Pay As You Go options.  


In order for us be able to manage the company and our ever increasing overheads, we run pass and course schemes.


Classes are still incredible value for money and if bought in advance are just £6 for any KaSoTonic, Zumba or Adult Dance class.

KaSoTonic GOLD classes remain at just £5 with a GOLD pass


Fitness classes operate on a Pass Basis with Dance classes running in COURSES and payable in advance. Higher Drop In Rates are in operation and at the discretion of the class instructor. 


Children's classes are payable half termly in advance


Full details are available on the Prices Page.


KaSo Studios do The Haka


At the end of every KaSoTonic class we always do a revitaliser and we decided to get our clients to perform a version of the famous Maori War Cry & Challenge adopted by the All Blacks - The Haka.


If you haven't seen the clips on our You Tube site you can now watch them here class by class and in a mash up by clicking HERE.


We hope you enjoy.


The KaSo Team



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