Dance & Fitness for All
Dance & Fitness for All


Our most popular and effective exercise to music class.


You will:

  • Burn calories and help weightloss
  • Get great Total Body Toning
  • Workout to fantastic and motivational music
  • Be looked after and able to work at your own pace
  • Improve your aerobic fitness

We change our KST classes every 8-10 weeks so your body doesn't get bored, and neither do you.

Aerobic (ZOOM and ON DEMAND only) and KaSoTone IN PERSON options available.


Packed FULL of Variety - Have YOU had your KaSoTonic yet?

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07985 048 880 (Kate) 

07989 205 498 (Sophie)

07914 353 843 (Gavin)

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From NOVEMBER 23rd 2020...

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