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Come and join us at Aylesbury Vale Academy for a fun, mixed ability (beginners and novice) pointe class. These classes are run on a pay in advance course basis and require minumum numbers to run).


Wednesday evenings: 7.30pm - 8.15pm


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Pointe 2 Pointe

Some Pointers for getting En pointe!


Whether you are returning to pointe or a complete beginner, please take a few moments to read this and watch the YouTube link:


How to prepare your feet:

  1. Ensure you cut your toes nails before every pointe class to protect them - cut them square, go straight across not round the sides.
  2. You can soak your feet in surgical spirit in the days leading up to your first class. Even before you have your shoes. This helps to harden the skin slightly and prevent blisters.


How to prepare your shoes:

  1. Buy your pointe shoes from a reputable fitter NEVER online! We recommend Dancers Boutique in Amersham.
  2. You need to sew the ribbons on. If unsure how to, do watch this video. DO NOT sew through the satin, sew through the lining of the shoe, also DO NOT sew through the part of the shoe where the shoe string tightener goes as you won't be able to tighten your shoe.
  3. Stick on the pointe end pads (little grey suede pads to go on the outside of the pointe). This is to stop you from slipping. Use fabric glue only as other glue may damage or break down the components in the block itself.
  4. Now, weirdly, sleep in them for a few days with socks over them. Walk around the house normally in them. This warms up the glue and begins the process of moulding them to your foot shape. Doing this makes the shoe much much more comfortable and far easier to get en pointe.
  5. You will need to put a loop of elastic on the back of the shoes to prevent them from slipping off during class. This is on the video clip as it is VERY important 
  6. Practice trying to tie your ribbons correctly. The aim of this is to support your ankle so is vital to help you in class and for safety.


Looking after your shoes:

  1. When you finish your class DO NOT leave your toes pads inside your shoes, take them out to air. It is very unhealthy and bad for your feet to leave them in there, as bacteria will grow! Also do not put one shoe inside the other, hang them up separately as this ensures that the shoe holds the shape of your foot after class as the glue resets.

Now you're ready, see you up there!




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