Dance & Fitness for All
Dance & Fitness for All

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"I have to thank you for telling me about the beginners class and for the amazing welcome I got. I immediately felt a part of the class, even though it was my first time! THAT is what I call hospitality..."


Beatrice Benedik, Beginners and Improvers Ballet

Adult Dance Class Levels



Take your first steps into dance in these relaxed and informative sessions for absolute beginners. We'll take you carefully through the basics, building your movement vocabulary, co-ordination and confidence.


This class increases your understanding of the technique and builds on your basic movement vocabulary as well as layering in other elements of your dance such as rythmn, direction, dynamics and all the while impoving your fitness, movement memory and stamina.


Lower Intermediate
These fun and informative classes are for students who hold a basic understanding in Contemporary, Ballet or Tap and would like to develop their skills; building confidence, improving technique and increasing dance vocabulary. Please note these classes are NOT for complete beginners. 


Upper Intermediate
These classes are designed to expand your knowledge and skills. You will work further on technique and learning the dynamics of movement phrasing. These classes are also suitable for participants with experience or those returning to dance. 


Fast paced, challenging classes for advanced students competent in the technique. Emphasis is on building movement sequences, stretching your physicality and artistry.


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