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Dance & Fitness for All
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With a wealth of experience teaching dance in state schools and the private sector, the team at KaSo Studios are delighted to bring you this truly outstanding array of 6 week long Units of Work for Key Stage 2. With 12 Units in total (3 for each year), the complete package will give a primary school and it's teachers everything they need to deliver exceptional dance classes to their pupil's throughout the year.


This complete S.O.W. guarantees to save teachers, no matter what experience of dance teaching they have, the hours it can take to plan and deliver effective and engaging classes whilst improving the outcome of children's dance.


The Units cover a spectrum of styles and stimuli which are sure to engage and inspire children no matter their background, previous dance experience or ability.


Each carefully constructed unit references the PE National Curriculum and includes:

  • A concise Unit Overview for quick reference
  • A Dance Framework
  • A Glossary of Dance Terms
  • 6 Individual Lesson Plans
  • Teacher Training Videos and Videos for class (children can simply follow!)
  • Student resources such as quizzes, video clips and organised tasks
  • Teacher supporting materials including music recommendations and top teacher tips
  • Assessment Criteria

The Lesson Plans themselves make Learning Objectives and Lesson Outcomes explicit and include Main Tasks, Starter and Plenary Ideas, Differentiation and Assessment Opportunties; all designed to enrich pupils' experience of dance and make the TEACHING PROCESS STRAIGHTFORWARD and enjoyable.