Dance & Fitness for All
Dance & Fitness for All

I miss the face to face classes but really feel part of the KaSo family with these brilliant classes - excellent content and the right amount of motivation all the way through - almost as good as being there in person!


Jean - KaSoTonic and KaSoTone (On Demand) - October 2020

A big thank you to you all at KaSo Studios for keeping us going with uplifting exercise classes in these strange times.  It really helps.  Kate and Sophie are literally a tonic, full of smiles and energy.


Carole - KaSoTonic LIGHT - September 2020

I think you (Sophie) and Kate have been absolutely brilliant through this crisis - not missing a beat in getting our classes to us as the crisis hit - and then constantly updating your thinking as things evolve - by giving us the best experiences that you possibly can under the circumstances.  I am in awe of your creativity, drive and energy.  I personally don't know what I would have done without you both in my life each week.  


Debbie - Ballet Levels 1 & 2 (On Demand) - July 2020

Since returning to Blast after a cycling injury, I have found the new exercise schedule has helped with my balance, flexibility and recovery time between intervals.


Now I'm doing 2 sessions a week, after 1 month of 2 sessions I hopped onto the scales and had lost 1.5 stone and a change in my body shape.


It's a great full body workout, you can take the session at your own level (each Blast has 3 levels) I go for the high level, and if it's too much have the option to drop a level . You do what you can.


The other benefits, it's made myself feel fitter at work, more confident and have made friends with some great people.


Garry Atkins - KaSoTonic BLAST Berryfields & Thame

"I have nothing but praise for the whole team at Kaso!  


My daughter joined not knowing anyone and felt right at home straight away.  She was welcomed with open arms with the warm, friendly staff and pupils making it a fun place to come and enjoy dance.  


Despite having a physical disability she took part in every lesson, exam and show and we are amazed at how her dance has progressed.  


Keep up the good work Kaso!"


Students Mum - KaSo Dance

Our Journey So Far...


As a Kaso Dad I have enjoyed watching my two girls learning Tap and Modern for almost 3 years now. 


We have been part of KaSo since 2012 when we moved to Aylesbury and we were welcomed by the lovely Kate and Sophie. My girls Amiee and Lucy absolutely love them and their classes, including the lovely Nikki.


Moving to Aylesbury I had given up playing Rugby and Squash, my knees and back had a few aches and pains through the years as a Hooker on the pitch, I hadn’t done much exercise since 2012 until Kaso decided to start a KaSoTonic exercise for men class. I thought it sounded like a good idea. I had my reservations building up to starting the class, being a bit of a stereo typical Rugby lad and felt a little uncomfortable with the stigma surrounding men doing dance/exercise classes. Totally wrong, I met Gavin the KaSo trainer and as a rugby man himself, made me realise that I was being a little silly about it. 


It’s been about 6 months now and I’m feeling stronger and fitter again, I’ve even lost some weight, which is a bonus. My flexibility has improved immensely, which my wife seems to enjoy, wink wink , my back and shoulders are starting to feel great again and my all round well being is fantastic, thanks to the KaSo team. 


There’s a real mixture of personalities in my class and they are all a great bunch of lads. 

My girls think it’s great that I am part of KaSo now and I feel that it’s like being part of a family, which I know will last a life time. 


I would like to thank all the KaSo team for making us all feel welcome and helping us live a more healthy lifestyle. 


Paul Upton - KaSoTonic Gent Haddenham & Berryfields 

"You should come and see us in action at our KaSoTonic Light class! The whole session is designed to build up our stamina, coordination, getting our minds thinking because we have to concentrate as well as getting our bodies moving. I for one hate exercise. Other than walking the dog, its not a word that is generally in my vocabulary, but since I joined last April I have to say if miss a class I have actually missed it!


The exercises are all done to music our age group recognises and we can bop along too while we enjoy our workout. KaSoTonic keeps us on our toes and the routines change regularly so that none of us begin to get lazy. We go through breathing properly when exercising and opening up the chest. Balance is also something else we practice"


Zena Baker - KaSoTonic Light Chinnor 

"Fellow Gents. Let me recommend that you come to try this excellent fitness class with Gavin. You won't find it stressful - Gavin is far too well trained to take us beyond our capacity - but you will find that every muscle has been given an airing. You will also enjoy yourself and learn lots of things which may be new to you. It doesn't matter how old you are, or how unfit you feel.  This gentle workout is the way to do something about that and is trurly worthwhile - don't miss it!"


Robert Hutton, KaSoTonic Light - Long Crendon

Kate; I absolutely love your class. You are an amazing teacher. So clear with your instructions, classes are such fun and love the dances you invent too!


Pauline Burr - Improvers Tap Long Crendon

Dear KaSo Team,


Speaking straight from the heart, thank you both for all the fun and enjoyment in the ballet and tap classes. You are exceptional teachers. To be able to take an adult complete beginner, strengthen my body, stimulate my mind and take me to a level where I feel I have accomplished enough to keep motivated to persevere, is a wonderful talent.


I will always be very grateful for all that you have taught me.


Sue Thompson, Beginners Tap, Ballet and KST Light

I have to thank you SO MUCH for making me feel incredibly welcome this week at both Brill KST and Thame Ballet. I've been really looking forward to getting back to exercise after such a long break..... and it felt brilliant! I thought your classes and your energy were amazing, and whilst I know I've got a long journey before I regain my fitness level - I can't wait to do it again!


I feel very lucky to have found your classes - thank you for your support and enthusiasm.


Holly Osmond - KST Brill and Ballet Thame


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