Dance & Fitness for All
Dance & Fitness for All

I have just done the Improvers Tap with our new teacher (Sarah). Please will you let her know how much I enjoyed it? I especially like the loud level of the music, it makes me feel as though I am there in person, she is easy to follow and the pace is good.  Keep up the good work.


Jill - Improvers Tap - January 2021 

It is so uplifting and inspirational to have KaSo in my home once a week not only encouraging me to exercise but to keep going in general.  The only thing that hasn't improved is my co-ordination and rhythm! 


Jane - KaSoTonic Light - November 2020

I'm really enjoying the online class...even through ZOOM they really consider our needs and incoroprate the restricted space into the exercises.  It's so nice to have a bit of "normality" in this very strange year!  Thank goodness for the catch-up on YouTube!  I'm so impressed with how KaSo has taken this pandemic in its stride and adapted so quickly to the ever-changing rules in order to keep people dancing - and always with a smile on your face! 


Katherine - Level 1 Ballet - October 2020

I miss the face to face classes but really feel part of the KaSo family with these brilliant classes - excellent content and the right amount of motivation all the way through - almost as good as being there in person!


Jean - KaSoTonic and KaSoTone (On Demand) - October 2020

A big thank you to you all at KaSo Studios for keeping us going with uplifting exercise classes in these strange times.  It really helps.  KaSo are literally a tonic, full of smiles and energy.


Carole - KaSoTonic LIGHT - September 2020

I think you KaSo have been absolutely brilliant through this crisis - not missing a beat in getting our classes to us as the crisis hit - and then constantly updating your thinking as things evolve - by giving us the best experiences that you possibly can under the circumstances.  I am in awe of your creativity, drive and energy.  I personally don't know what I would have done without you  in my life each week.  


Debbie - Ballet Levels 1 & 2 (On Demand) - July 2020

One of the things I've always loved about KaSo is how they value the emotional well-being of the children.  The fun of learning about dance is at the centre of their classes and children can take exams and be part of shows only IF they want to, with no pressure from the teachers.


Clare Scurlock - July 2019

I have nothing but praise for the whole team at Kaso!  My daughter joined not knowing anyone and felt right at home straight away.  She was welcomed with open arms with the warm, friendly staff and pupils making it a fun place to come and enjoy dance.  Despite having a physical disability she took part in every lesson, exam and show and we are amazed at how her dance has progressed.  


Student's Mum - KaSo Dance

Dear KaSo Team,


Speaking straight from the heart, thank you both for all the fun and enjoyment in the ballet and tap classes. You are exceptional teachers. To be able to take an adult complete beginner, strengthen my body, stimulate my mind and take me to a level where I feel I have accomplished enough to keep motivated to persevere, is a wonderful talent.


I will always be very grateful for all that you have taught me.


Sue Thompson - Beginners Tap, Ballet and KST Light


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